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Life coaching is all about taking action so let us introduce Empower Me.  We are based in The Royal Hotel, Killarney, Co. Kerry offering one to one or group coaching sessions.  Offering different styles of coaching with all the same aim and that is for you to feel happier in yourself.


To really understand what Life coaching is all about the best way to describe is taking the time to sit down, face what is going on in your life and prepare goals.  If your feeling overwhelmed or lost in the direction that you are going, we are here to listen without judgement.  It is about peeling back the layers to see who you really are and find out what you want to change. It is about taking the time to put yourself first.


Image Coaching

Image Coaching How we look is so connected to how we feel on the inside. A good suit might get you that job you are looking for, a new dress can give you the boost in self the confidence to really feel good for your upcoming event. As you might be a new Mom or returning to the workforce after

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Looking to overcome your fear of public speaking? A one to one presentation skills session can help. Claire can help you develop your natural style, share tools on how to build rapport, connect with your audience and build on your communication skills. When presenting it is all about the audience. With that in mind, it must instantly help

Life Coaching

Life Coaching Life coaching looks at each and every area of your life whether it's your career, your relationships, your health, time management or overall purpose we will focus on where you want to change. The first step to change is awareness so you are halfway there.  Life coaching is about designing a lifestyle that best suits you. NLP, Mediation,

Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching Package. Two questions to think about. What am I doing that’s working that I need to be doing more of? What am I doing that is not working? When it comes to confidence you know what feeds it be it yoga, healthy diet, surrounding yourself with positive people, taking time out, having less plug-in time, or simply getting

Client Testimonials

  • I learned that my thoughts really affect how I speak and act, and how thinking in a positive way makes my life so much more fulfilling.

    Fiona Heffernan


  • Claire is a wonderful life coach and I can only but recommend her. She is so inspiring and has really helped me to get out of the personal rut I was in.

    Alexandra O’Sullivan


  • Initially, I went to Claire looking for coaching on how to improve and achieve higher goals within my business. What I came away with was so much more.

    Martha Mulconry

    Makeup Artist

  • Fiona Heffernan
  • Alexandra O’Sullivan
  • Martha Mulconry

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