Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching Package.

Two questions to think about.

  • What am I doing that’s working that I need to be doing more of?
  • What am I doing that is not working?

When it comes to confidence you know what feeds it be it yoga, healthy diet, surrounding yourself with positive people, taking time out, having less plug-in time, or simply getting out going for hikes with friends. Coaching can help you find your purpose, give you clarity on where you want to go and give you insight into what works best for you and your self-esteem. We can set goals that best suit you and your desires and build actions points around these to get you into action mode of going after what gives you the boost that you’re looking for.

Body language, mental health, non-verbal communication, fears and diet are some of the areas we will look at together to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence. We will explore topics in self-help books and share tips on confidence building as well as health and fitness.

We will discuss action plans to step into positive thinking mode and introduce you to the power of affirmations.

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