Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaching looks at each and every area of your life whether it’s your career, your relationships, your health, time management or overall purpose we will focus on where you want to change. The first step to change is awareness so you are halfway there.  Life coaching is about designing a lifestyle that best suits you. NLP, Mediation, getting back into fitness, creating a time management plan are some of the ways that can help create balance in your life. The use of Affirmations, reading books and listening to podcasts are some of the tools that we use. Self-esteem, motivation, confidence and self-belief is the core area we will focus on.

Together we’ll look at ways to reduce stress in your life. We’ll explore your symptoms of stress, introduce you to stress management skills and tips on how best to deal with stress in everyday life. If you want to introduce meditation to your life, we will supply the audio to get you started on how to meditate.

Together we will plan a simple step by step strategy on how to achieve your goals. The personality traits we will explore are mindfulness, empowerment, anger management and time management.

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