Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Looking to overcome your fear of public speaking? A one to one presentation skills session can help. Claire can help you develop your natural style, share tools on how to build rapport, connect with your audience and build on your communication skills.

When presenting it is all about the audience. With that in mind, it must instantly help to make you feel more relaxed. We will go at your pace and it is very much a practical experience. You have the opportunity to speak into a microphone, stand on a stage, feel the experience of an auditorium room and take in the surroundings of what it is like to be ‘up there’. We will share tips on how to connect with your audience, to feel grounded, to keep your breathing at a normal pace, and to show up as your best self and deliver the message clearly with confidence.

This will be a practical experience and tips will be shared on how to beat those nerves.

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