My Services

Life Coaching with Lisa

I offer every potential client a free 15 minute Discovery Call. The purpose of this call is so you can ask any questions, find out more about my style of coaching and decide if you would like to book a session.

Life Coaching Sessions (€80 per hour)

Each session is 60 minutes long and the cost is €80 per session. On average people tend to need between 4-6 sessions, but the timing and subject of the sessions is determined by the client.

Pre/post Diagnosis Power Hour (€65 per hour)

I have over 20 years professional experience of working with families/carers of children who have been diagnosed with extra support needs. I also personal experience of my own child being assessed and diagnosed.

When you suspect that your child may have some extra support needs it can be both daunting and lonely. I myself experienced the lonliness, uncertainty and confusion about what to do and when. The aim of the power hour is for me to listen and support you on your diagnosis journey.

The session may take on the form of a Life Coaching Session or you might just want someone to listen, you might need some advice or some signposting on what to do next. As the client you lead the session.

Further sessions can be booked after the Power Hour. I can assist with research, phone calls, holding you accountable to actions. Where possible, I will signpost you to voluntary organisations or Government agencies that can provide services free of charge.

Book a free Discovery Call today.